Madhubala was proposed by three men and she turned to Nargis who was a
close friend for advice. Nargis suggested that Bharat Bhusan would respect her
as he was a widower whereas Pradeep Kumar and Kishor Kumar were both married.

However she had already made up her mind on Kishor Kumar as he was like a breath of
fresh air in her life. She accepted him as he was the first man who came into her life
on the rebound whilst shooting Chalti ka naam gadi and Jhumroo.

Her father had informed Kishor that Madhubala would be flying to London for a complicated
operation and he could marry her on her return but Kishor knew she wanted to get married
before she died and he wanted to fulfil her desire.

They had a civil marriage and Kishore converted to Islam and was renamed Karim Abdul.
His parents refused to attend the wedding and never really accepted Madhubala as they
thought she had broken their sons marriage. When Madhubala went to touch her father in
law's feet he moved away.

The doctors in London refused to operate on Madhubala as they thought she would die during
the operation and if she did survive it would only be for a year.

Madhubala and Kishor also had a hindu ceremony to please the parents but they were still not happy.
She moved back to her bungalow a couple of weeks or solater because her in laws attitude was upsetting her.

Madhubala realised that she had made a mistake in marrying Kishore.

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